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3 Tips to FInd the Best AC at the Lowest Price

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In recent years, many consumers have asked us questions about portable air conditioners. Consumers seem to like the idea of having a small and mobile air conditioner but they often wonder are portable air conditioners effective. We’ve found that the best portable air conditioner brand units available today are inexpensive, energy efficient, and good at cooling.

The best air conditioners portable units come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 5000 BTUs to 18000 BTUS. BTU is actually the abbreviation for British Thermal Units. The higher the BTU of a unit is, the cooler the air it provides, as they will be more powerful. The best air conditioner portable units tend to cost more to operate. To determine the BTU required to cool a room, the square footage of the room needs to be multiplied by the number thirty five.

The EER or Energy Efficiency Ratio is the amount of energy that is consumed by a unit. Those units with a high EER utilize less power and result in savings on your utility bills. The normal range for EER numbers is between 8.2 and 10.5.

Click the link above to see our comparison of the different EER ratings for the top portable air conditioner brand units.

There is extreme competitiveness in the market, with Sharp, LG, Friedrich, and Whynter emerging as the leading brands. You also have smaller brands like the Everstar portable air conditioner or the New Air models. The different brands manufacture several models, which are available in a range of BTU and EER ratings.

Our best portable air conditioner reviews show that many of these portable air conditioner units have a good reputation. We provide you with information about the cooling capacity and cost as well as the EER for the top 10 units.

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