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HVAC Air Freshener Trick

Winter is in full swing and for some of you, I know it can be downright impossible to even think about getting any type of fresh air into the house at this time of year. So in my journey’s we found some really nicely scented gel air freshener and I thought I would show you how you can use this to freshen your entire house through your central heating air return!

This can be done with any type of air freshener you choose. These gel types are great because they are small and come with a bit of a lid on them, The really inexpensive cone shaped variety from the air freshener section of the grocery store are great as well. We have even been known to buy those big bags of cinnamon pine cones on clearance and just hang them in the air return to scent the house in the winter.

This is just a nice way to give your home a lift and avoid the winter doldrums that can come at this time of year especially in the more northern regions where the days are very long and I know you all cannot wait for the spring thaw.

I hope that you enjoyed this and I hope I taught you something you can use!

Have a Handy Week!

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This entry was posted on June 21, 2017, in AC repair.