AC repairs needed?

Have you recently been taken advantage of by an air conditioning repair company? Leaving you with a bad taste in your mouth, whenever the air conditioner isn’t quite working the way you think it should, as you’re afraid of being cheated again?

We got a hold of an owner of a Heating and Cooling company and asked them, if they often find that other companies have tried to bamboozle individuals . The owner of the heating and cooling company said that she could tell you horror stories, about the amount of times they had went out to get a second opinion on an AC repair that could be fixed for under $600 but the customer  had been quoted by another big name company that the entire unit had to be replaced. And the estimated cost of a new unit was extremely high sometimes more than double what her company would have replace the unit for.

When looking for a good AC repair company check the bad reviews

When she was asked why her units were set so much more reasonable, she stated that she doesn’t mark them up as much as some of the other companies. With a few exceptions most contractors get close to the same price when they are buying units, therefore as she was once taken advantage by an AC company long before she got into the business, her company’s policy has been to be honest and give a reasonable price to all of her customers.

She feels that quite a few air conditioning repair companies don’t build relationships with their customers the way that companies did 20 years ago and now its just sad.  She has customers that call twice a year for services on their units and most of the time the employees and her will remember the customer, right off the bat.

A good AC repair company that is honest and fair to their customers will have a customer for life. When looking for an AC repair company always make sure that they are licensed and bonded, and check out their reviews more people will take the time to complain about a company then they will to praise them.  So always look at the bad reviews first.