Houston Air Conditioning Service

Maintaining a cool living or work environment in the warm climate of the Houston area is a necessity for most people. Houston Air Conditioning & Heating Pros is here to service all your central air conditioning needs.

We install and service many makes of central AC units and are a supplier of all major brands.

What is Air Conditioning?

Technically the term air conditioning refers to a wide range of processes to heat, cool, ventilate and de-humidify air. All these process alter the “condition” of the air. But in practical terms an air conditioner, or A/C, has come to refer mainly to cooling warm air.


An air conditioner uses a process of heat transfer, similar to a refrigerator, to pull heat energy away from the air replacing it with cool air. The process also removes moisture from the air.

The drier air that AC produces also helps to keep us cool. We sweat so the moisture can evaporate from our skin as part of our bodies own heat transfer process. Drier air makes the evaporation process more efficient. The relatively high humidity that occurs with the hot weather here in Houston region makes the dryer air produced by AC an added bonus.

Today’s central air conditioning units are part of the entire heating, cooling and ventilation systems for your home or commercial building. Air is ventilated and filtered through the buildings duct work and the temperature control unit automatically decides when the A/C should turn on to cool the air down or the furnace to turn on to warm it up.

Choosing the Right Central A/C Unit


Your central A/C equipment will see a lot of use here in Houston, TX. Choosing the right unit will help to control your energy costs. Our expert technicians can help you select the right system that will be the most efficient for the amount of space in your home or building.

The US Department of Energy has some good basic information on choosing the right A/C unit. The ACEEE also has some good info on selecting an AC, reducing air conditioning costs, and selecting a good contractor, like us.